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Here at The Lucy Foundation we believe that with a little support and understanding, people with disabilities can contribute to the economy of their community. Diversity is good for business. Unfortunately, very few people believe us when we tell them that Diversity is good for their business. But what can we do to change their way of thinking?

Let’s show you how, That’s the way!

Together with the Pluma Hidalgo community in Oaxaca, and our friends from Piña Palmera, we came up with a model that demonstrates the value of diversity in business.

The first project of the Foundation is in Pluma Hidalgo, home of a special line of Typica coffee that bears the name of the city. This project involves working with a number of families to increase the quality and performance of coffee plants in their backyards, motivating all family members, including those with disabilities, to contribute to the project.

During Phase One of this project, a local representative of the Lucy Foundation in Pluma Hidalgo will be established to help coordinate families to work the land, increase visits Pineapple to Pluma Hidalgo, begin fertilization of crops and install a mill Community on site.

The community mill at the site will allow quality control over the treatment of berries as well as the opportunity to develop a more intense community environment. This will not only help to train and give more jobs, but also to create a space for business interaction between people with and without disabilities. Then, the coffee beans are sent ready to toast New Zealand!

What we love about this project is that at all stages of production there are opportunities for people with different types of skills to play a key role in the coffee production chain. In real terms this will include everything from picking the coffee berries, sorting them manually, processing and packaging the green beans for export. Here in New Zealand we will take care of the toasting until making for you a Cafe con Leche or an Expresso in your local coffee shop.

At the heart of this project is The Community. Changing perceptions is not just about working with people with disabilities, but interacting with them in an inclusive and meaningful way. And as our co-founder, Ben Scott, says,

What is good for the community is good for business.

On the other hand…. Who would not want to be part of a social change just enjoying a good cup of coffee?


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May the coffee plants be healthy and happy! In last week's workshop the team spread compost around the plants with the help of Don Bernardino's family. This is to improve the health of the plants.

Qué las matas de café sean sanas y felices! En el taller de la semana pasada el equipo incorporaron bocashi (composta) a las matas con la familia de don Bernardino. Esto es para mejorar la salud de las plantas.

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Pepe, Erminio and Juan sorted the green beans leftover from the shipment to Aotearoa New Zealand and roasted them, each taking a bag of coffee home to enjoy.

Pepe, Erminio, y Juan seleccionaron los granos verdes que sobraron y los tostaron, llevándose una bolsa de café para disfrutar en casa.

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3 weeks ago

The Lucy Foundation

It's International Coffee Day! A day for all coffee lovers to reflect on all the aroha that goes in to one little cup. But there's a problem, coffee prices are at a historical low and many coffee farmers are struggling.

The International Coffee Organisation is calling on people to sign a #coffeepledge that calls for a living wage for coffee farmers.

You can find out more about the coffee crisis and sign the pledge here:

¡Hoy es el Día Internacional del Café! Un día para que todos los amantes del café piensen en todo el amor que llena cada taza del café. Pero hay un problema, los precios del café están en un nivel más bajo que nunca, y muchos caficultores están luchando.

La Organización Internacional del Café pide a la gente que firme un #coffeepledge que exija un salario digno para los caficultores.

Puedes enterarte más sobre la crisis del café y firmar el compromiso aquí:

#internationalcoffeeday2019 #2019coffeecrisis #livingwage #soundofcoffee
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3 weeks ago

The Lucy Foundation

As young people and their allies strike for climate change around the world, we thought we'd share a flashback Friday...

"Because respect for Papatūānuku is at the heart of what we do at TLF, the team in Pluma Hidalgo recently held an inclusive community workshop on medicinal plants. Sofía Díaz Hernandez taught everyone how to identify local plants and use them to make a balm for aches.

Como respetar a la Madre Tierra es tan importante para nosotros, el equipo de Pluma Hidalgo recientemente llevó a cabo un taller comunitario inclusivo sobre plantas medicinales. Sofía Díaz Hernández enseñó a todos cómo identificar las plantas locales y usarlas para hacer una pomada para dolores musculares."

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