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14355001_1246789042022629_5588948199226685199_nPiña Palmera

Piña Palmera is a non-government organisation based on the southern coast of Oaxaca, Mexico. With more than 30 years experience in the field, Piña Palmera’s mission is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families.

At the heart of Piña Palmera’s work is human rights, respect for difference and the development of an integrative society. One of the center’s key focuses is changing the way local society perceives disability by promoting attitude change and accessibility within families, schools and local communities. They currently provide rehabilitation services, workshops and education for more than 750 families across 5 municipalities in Oaxaca, most of which are indigenous communities.

“We dream of a society where everybody recognizes and respects differences.”

For more information on Piña Palmera go to:


Cordillera Coffee logo - grey text and mint green mountainsCordillera Coffee

Cordillera Coffee is a joint venture in Colombia that works with Quindío farmers to improve coffee quality directly from the farm. Miguel and his team work side by side with farmers, assessing them during harvest and processing to insure high quality standards of coffee.

For more information on Cordillera Coffee go to their Facebook Page.


Direct Impact Group

The Direct Impact Group is an international coaching and consulting firm. They work with organisations that engage in the development of civil society to deliver the results they seek through civil society experience. They support the formulation and execution of their client’s strategy and develop the organisation’s accountability towards beneficiaries, donors, governments and the public. Darren Ward from the Direct Impact Group has been working with The Lucy Foundation as a mentor and business advisor since 2014. His experience in social enterprise, business, humanitarian work and community development has been invaluable to the Foundation.

For more information about the Direct Impact Group go to:


13934747_286978624998845_3792343123543627909_nCoffee Educators Ltd.

The philosophy of Coffee Educators is to drive passion, to ensure quality coffee training and cafe experiences for all. They aim to teach employable skills through direct access to wider industry and provide practical on the job training in fully functioning cafes.


For more information about Coffee Educators go to:


13403311_1362698747090554_294483924556212693_oFlight Coffee

Flight Coffee is a family of driven people that work together to produce amazing coffee, while always aiming to have the best impact they can on the industry and the lives it connects. Their focus is on coffee appreciation, education, and development. Education is key.

Stay hungry. Stay curious. Have fun.

For more information about Flight Coffee go to:


13907184_1711504962446482_2910523342556626048_nRaw Material

Specialty green coffee from farming projects in Colombia and Rwanda.

For more information about Raw Material go to:


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That's a wrap! Thanks for sharing the coffee dream with us Co-Ed. Safe travels back to Aotearoa New Zealand - we can't wait to hear your stories, see your photos and share your videos. Watch this space, more coming soon. ... See MoreSee Less

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Friday feels: After days in the dark following the massive earthquake in Mexico, the power has been turned on just in time for the TLF and Co-Ed barista training! Wohoo!

Power permitting, they'll run two three-day courses in Barista training skills; one for local people with disabilities and then another for teenagers that are gearing up to leave school.
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QUAKE UPDATE: When we met with the Coffee Educators Ltd crew a couple of months back to talk through the Pluma Hidalgo visit, we told them to expect power outages. We chuckled at the thought of trying to use sign language in the dark, while holding a torch in their mouths so they can see each other sign!

Little did we know, a massive earthquake would plunge Pluma into days without power, phone reception or water! Contact is still limited, but family members report some contact with the Sanders (Jessica Pantoja-Sanders), Amber Shaw, Julz Russ and Tagialofa Sefina Eneliko. There is no town water supply so they're collecting rain water from the roof. Unfortunately, without power there is no way to pump the water back into the tank. Apparently the Sanders managed to pay someone to use their inverter, so they could run it off their car battery and fill the tank back up with rain water. Despite the darkness, spirits are high and they're all enjoying screen free candlelit card games. Slips and cracks in the roads mean access is limited, and a few buildings have come down. But most have already been fixed up.

And perhaps our favourite report... Ebony Sanders (5) slept through the entire quake! Classic! <3 <3 <3 😴😴😴
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Morena! We just wanted to let you know we were finally able to touch base with TLF Field Director, Jessica Pantoja-Sanders, and the Coffee Educators Ltd crew in the night. They are shaken but safe following the 8.1 earthquake in Mexico.

Power remains out in Pluma and it sounds like there's a lot of structural and internal damage. But incredibly, no serious injuries. Phone data and battery is limited, so if they don't reply to your messages straight away, it's only because they're saving juice! They are now checking in with neighbours and friends to make sure they are ok too.

We'll keep you updated when we hear more. Thank you for all your concerns, messages, thoughts and prayers <3
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