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There is a square piece of cardboard in front of me on the floor of our lounge. It is shaped like a cube. It is a box. A packing box.

It is meant to have books from the bookshelf in it. It doesn’t. It is still empty. Our lounge still looks like a lounge. The only movement of materials around the house, are those of kids toys; a vintage pram filled with lego and a pop-up tent with cards strewed through it from the games of ‘Go fish’ and ‘Snap’ played today. Games I joined in on, a distraction from packing up our house into that empty box.

We want to move, we do. It isn’t the fact we are leaving New Zealand that is slowing the packing down, but rather the process of thoughts that go with relocating to another country. Short term or long term, there is a surreal realisation that in eight short weeks our home will not be here.

In eight weeks time, our house will be in boxes, hopefully, others are able to utilise some of our things and make them part of their homes, but all the rest will be in boxes.

Our home is made up of four people. Ryan (my husband), Jessica (me), Lorenzo (our son) and Ebony (our daughter).

Our home will carry their suitcases through New Zealand’s airport and board a plane to Mexico. Our home, our family, will begin a journey with indigenous coffee-farming families in the heart of Pluma Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Mexico. Our home will unpack our four suitcases, and do “home life” in Pluma Hidalgo. Our home will work together with these five families – our business partners, our equals – and do community with them.

Are we excited? Yes! After almost three years of planning this project, we are finally preparing to be on the ground in Oaxaca.

Are we nervous? Ya-ha! But as I stare into this empty box in front of me, I am confronted by the  realisation, that we have actually already packed. Perhaps not in the physical sense, but in our heads –  we are ready to roll, ready to be part of a journey bigger than this house, here in Waikato, New Zealand.

So off I go, to put one book after the other and finally fill those boxes, one at a time. And, as those boxes are stacking up, I know that we are one step closer to our vision. The Lucy Foundation vision:

Collaborating with Communities. Empowering People.

To support Jess and Ryan and the TLF coffee project,
head on over to our Help Us Out page.

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16 hours ago

The Lucy Foundation

We're making more fertiliser! A mix of whey, molasses, milk, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins... this is microbiology in action. As Cata tells the team: these microorganisms are offering their life, to give more life!

This fertiliser will eventually be used to regenerate the soil where our delicious coffee grows.

Purchase your inclusive coffee beans today:

#disabilityinclusion #disabilityemployment #inclusivefertiliser #Organiccoffee
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Last night Robbie Francis Watene had the pleasure of presenting at the Rototuna Rotary Club in Hamilton. The club has supported TLF for several years now. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such kind and generous Rotarians who believe whole heartedly in the motto of 'service above self'.

On that note... did you know that TLF was born in Kirikiriroa (Hamilton)? All of our co-founders have strong ties to the Waikato, and have been working on an exciting new project to promote training and employment opportunities for disabled Kiwis in the region. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Buy your inclusive coffee today:

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It's Friday! Remember all that soil the team prepared in bags and seedling trays a couple of weeks back? Well, now it's time to plant the turmeric and ginger! Mmm, delicioso!

Support this project by donating or purchase your TLF coffee today:

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2 weeks ago

The Lucy Foundation

Follow the recent 7.4 earthquake in Oaxaca, our team sprung into action to assist their neighbours. Thanks to the generous donations from supporters in Aotearoa New Zealand, the team were able to purchase building supplies to help fix structural damage. Here they are delivering materials to local families, which will be used to reconstruct homes. The local children were very happy to help too!

Thank you for your ongoing support. Without your donations, we could not do what we do. To donate to TLF, head to:

#community #OaxacaEarthquake #teamwork #disabilityinclusion
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2 weeks ago

The Lucy Foundation

A lovely wee surprise to wake up to today...

TLF's Robbie Francis Watene has been named one of 30 global disability rights activists on Diversability’s D-30 Disability Impact List.

The list celebrates 30 years of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), and Robbie's nomination was chosen from over 400 submissions. More information about the list and honourees is available at:

#D30DisList #Diversability #PlumaCoffeeProject #DisabilityEmployment #DisabilityInclusion #DisabilityRights #TheBestCoffeeOfAllIsCoffeeForAll #DisabilityRightsMonitoring #UNCRPD

[Image description: On a black background with gold confetti sprinkled from the top, gold block text at the top, “The D-30 Disability Impact List.” Below, a gold bar with text in black, “2020 Honoree.” Below, a photo of Robbie next to her name in white and their country in a gold bar. In the bottom corner, the Diversability logo in white and the hashtag #D30DisList. In the photo Robbie sits with her legs crossed. She is wearing black, has a red head scarf, and a brightly coloured Lucy Leg (prosthetic) and shoes.]
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