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Our coffee beans are lovingly picked, processed, roasted and delivered to your door by our disability inclusive value chain – from farmer to consumer.

** Our roaster roasts to post. Please place your order by 8am on Thursday each week, for delivery early the week after.

For more information, subscriptions, or for orders over 10kg, please email: [email protected]

Our TLF coffee range includes:

Pluma Single Origin: Single origin coffee is coffee grown within a single geographic origin. In our case, that’s Pluma Hidalgo. With an outstanding aroma of vanilla, almond and strawberry, Pluma single origin has a syrupy and smooth body (2020 cupping score 86). **LOW ON STOCK. While we wait for the next shipment from Pluma Hidalgo, Mexico, we’ve put a hold on all Pluma single origin orders. We LOVE that you LOVE it so much, so please accept our deepest apologies for the inconvenience!

Lucy blend: Lucy is our signature blend and includes three types of beans from Sumatra (Fair Trade/Organic), Ethiopia (Fair Trade/Organic) and of course Pluma Hidalgo, Mexico. Full bodied, with a bit of kick, Lucy is a popular coffee, enjoyed in cafes, offices and at home.

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