Christmas Catalogue 2017

Have you got all your Christmas pressies sorted yet?

Don’t worry, The Lucy Foundation has got you covered. We’ve got gifts for coffee lovers, tea drinkers, hot chocolate fiends and we even have delicious coffee-themed body products!

PLEASE NOTE – We have stopped taking Christmas orders. However, if you see something here you just must have, flick us an email and we’ll see if we can get the gift out to you after Christmas (NZ only).


Never heard of it? Well, if you are tea lover, but enjoy a coffee every now and again, you will love this cascara tea! Cascara is the skin of the coffee cherry, naturally dried and packaged with love. Brew in a french press and drink or use the tea to make incredible Christmas cocktails! We’ll even throw in the recipe!


Feliz Navidad! Make your Christmas tree super unique with these gorgeous handmade Oaxacan hearts. Bright and beautiful and made with love from Mexico.  Only 6 more available so place your order quick!



Who doesn’t love a bit of natural pampering at Christmas time! We have collaborated with the very clever Rachel Middleton from Four Little Birds to create these amazing products using our very own coffee from here in Pluma Hidalgo, Oaxaca, México. Each pack includes a coffee almond oil peppermint body scrub, a coffee and peppermint soap and a lip balm. Go on pamper your skin and give yourself that external coffee hit you need to get through the silly season! 



We are super excited to share this delicious Oaxacan hot chocolate goodness with you! Toasted cacao beans, ground with almonds and unrefined sugar are mixed together to create this incredibly decadent hot chocolate drink. Serve in an artisanal Oaxacan cup and whisk till frothy with a mini version of the traditional Oaxacan wooden whisks. It’s the perfect way to end your Christmas evening! We only have 1 more of these packs available, so flick us an email at [email protected] to secure the last pack!


Imagine waking up on Christmas day to steaming hot coffee in your old-skool TLF mug… the perfect accompaniment to all that chocolate you got in your stocking or even a piece of Christmas cake! Each pack includes a TLF mug and 100g of coffee (beans or ground) lovingly roasted by our friends at Able Coffee Collaborative​. Not only are the crew at Able changing attitudes by actively supporting people with disabilities into training and employment, but they have also committed to donating a percentage of all Lucy blend coffee sales to The Lucy Foundation Pluma Coffee Project in Mexico. It’s a win for you, a win for us, a win for them, a win for everybody!

Changing lives, changing attitudes, one cup of coffee at a time!


Get your toasty wee mitts on our fantastic tote bags! Our TLF Pluma print is showcased on AS Colour totes, made in safe, fair and humane working environments. These totes are printed with love and care so you can rock this great design of Pluma Hidalgo, México – where our coffee project takes place. Get in quick!  



We love Christmas and coffee! So why not combine the two to make a great-looking stocking to hang above your fireplace (or wherever!) this Christmas! This stocking is made out of recycled coffee sacks donated by our friends at Flight Coffee and Raw Material and is the perfect way for coffee lovers to bundle their hoard from Santa this year. Plus they look pretty cool. Only six available so place your order today!



Help us plant and care for a Pluma variety coffee seedling for you, right here in the heart of Pluma Hidalgo, Oaxaca, México. By purchasing one of these seedlings you will help the people of Pluma keep this rare and endangered variety alive. We will tag it with your name and send you a pic too!



Know someone who is wanting to learn more about coffee? We have the perfect Christmas pressie for just that person! Our Christmas coffee starter pack includes 300 grams of coffee beans from our friends at Able. Coffee Collaborative, scales, a french press, cups and stirring spoons with a nifty wee milk pourer all packed in a TLF tote bag. 


For overseas contributors: Please contact us directly for alternative methods of payment.

Disclaimer: The Lucy Foundation is a registered New Zealand Charity (CC54316). However, at this point in time, we are unable to offer New Zealand tax credits for your financial support.

Thank you for your understanding.


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A very happy birthday to our super-duper Field Director Jessica Pantoja-Sanders. While on their way to her pizza party the crew came across a lifeless boa constrictor. Sadly, though very important to the biodiversity of the jungle, snakes are often targeted and killed out of fear, misinformation and misunderstanding. While this chap was dead by the time the crew arrived, his death was not in vain! Thanks to Barry, Ryan and Ebony, its skin has been preserved and Jess, the birthday girl/reptile lover, is spreading the word about their importance to the local environment and biodiversity!

#biodiversity #environment #friendsnotfoes #junglelife #kiwisinmexico #savethesnakes #snakeskin #plumacoffeeproject #disabilityinclusion #disabilityrights @ Pluma Hidalgo

[Image Description: 5 photos of a large dead snake being skinned on the back of a truck, with it's skin being stretched out to dry.]
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One of the things we are really passionate about here at The Lucy Foundation is re-defining what 'success' is. Authentic inclusion means acknowledging and celebrating success in all its shapes and sizes. Today we want to do just that...

"For the past year I would ask him questions and he would answer with one word...'bien' (good). But over the past month his hand shakes have become stronger, more purposeful and include more eye contact. Today, while harvesting the sweet potatoes we planted together a while back, he turned to me and asked how my day had been. I could not help but respond with a massive smile and say, 'Today has been an incredible day, thanks!' Why has it been such a great day? This small question he asked, is the reason it has been such a great day." - Ryan
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Feliz navidad a todos! We hope you're all enjoying a relaxing break now. As you do check out our new blog post from TLF intern Umi Asaka. Umi has been in Pluma Hidalgo for the last two weeks learning about the TLF Mexico project, spending time with the TLF families and visiting coffee farms.

Great read Umi and we're so happy that you could visit:
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Last Saturday we enjoyed Christmas lunch with families involved in The Lucy Foundation project here in Pluma Hidalgo. Such a beautiful day with our friends and family here. We wish you all an early Feliz Navidad! ... See MoreSee Less

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