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Want to help make the world a more equal, inclusive and sustainable place for those who call it home? Listed below are a range of ways you can help us do just that! Go on… join our journey and part of the solution!


TLF mug sits on the side of a piano

These hardy mugs are straight from the 90s, just the way we like it! Perfect for at home or work – there’s no way you’ll loose this classic! Want more than one? Let us know and we’ll do you a deal! Postage included.


Carry your bits and pieces in this tip top tote! Our TLF Pluma print is showcased on AS Colour totes, made in safe, fair and humane working environments. These totes are printed with love and care so you can rock this great design of Pluma Hidalgo, Mexico – where our coffee project takes place. Postage included.


Three pictures of TLF chocolates: one with a black rabbit, three chocolates on a plate and a picture of a box of 6 chocolates

Six delicately handcrafted chocolates! Each pack contains 3x Pluma cascara (coffee cherry tea) and lemon verbena flavoured, and 3x Pluma coffee flavoured chocolates. Postage included!


For a treat with a little less sugar, these handmade artisanal fabric hearts from the heart of Oaxaca, Mexico will brighten everyone’s day. Postage included.


Help us plant and care for a Pluma variety coffee seedling for you, right here in the heart of Pluma Hidalgo, Oaxaca, México. By purchasing one of these seedlings you will help the people of Pluma keep this rare and endangered variety alive. We will tag it with your name and send you a pic too!


Want to make a donation without receiving anything in return? We got you covered. Click the button below to make a charitable donation to The Lucy Foundation and help support people with disabilities and coffee farmers out of poverty and into meaningful training and work opportunities.

For overseas contributors: Please contact us directly for alternative methods of payment.

Disclaimer: The Lucy Foundation is a registered New Zealand Charity (CC54316). However, at this point in time, we are unable to offer New Zealand tax credits for your financial support.

Thank you for your understanding.


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In April 2018 the heads of governments from all Commonwealth nations (and the Queen!) will meet in London for the biennial CHOGM summit. The theme of this year's meeting is "Towards a Common Future", with a particular focus on youth and inclusion.

In the lead up to the summit, the hosts of the CHOGM are showcasing Commonwealth stories from around the world, and our very own Robbie Francis was asked to share hers! Check it out:
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Meet Robbie - a human rights advocate & co-founder of The Lucy Foundation, a social enterprise which works to improve #disability inclusiveness through sustainable trade ICYMI: We featured Robbie as one of our amazing role models who is changing lives and making a difference in #ourCommonwealth 🇳🇿 marking #IWD2018 UK in New Zealand University of Otago @commonwealthscholarships @roberta.francis.3551

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A few more awesome snaps from the field...

Memo (TLF Temporary Field Director) writes that for him, inclusion is all about including people with disabilities in as many activities as possible. On this occasion the guys shared their skills with Don Epifanio (organic coffee farmer), and helped him make a mineral treatment for coffee rust (fungus disease). In this way, people with disabilities, as well as the community, can be empowered through the sharing of activities, skills and socialization.

"It's always a good time to work in Paradise!" - Memo Baca Acuario
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Today is International Women’s Day, so we wanted to give a shout out to the amazing wahine on our TLF team! We are so proud that 71% of our team identify as female, and more than half of them proudly identify as disabled! But as much as today is about celebrating mujeres, we also want to remember that globally women and girls with disabilities are one of the most marginalised sectors of humanity:

- 75% of women with disabilities are unemployed
- Women with disabilities who are employed earn less than male counterparts and women without disabilities
- 99% of girls and women with disabilities in the global south are illiterate
- Women and girls with disabilities face disproportionately high rates of gender-based violence, sexual abuse, neglect, maltreatment and exploitation
- Women and girls with disabilities are more likely to experience gender-based violence compared to women and girls without disabilities
- Women with disabilities are regularly denied reproductive healthcare and at times are subjected to forced sterilization

We must be the change!

#iwd2018 #disabledandcute
#strongwomen #disabodyposi
#inclusionrider #thelucyfoundation #plumacoffeeproject

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