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A cup of coffee that empowers people, preserves a rare coffee varietal and that tastes delicious. You too can be part of this dream – making disability-inclusive business practice and ethical and sustainable coffee farming a reality by supporting our crowd funding campaign now!

The Lucy Foundation’s Phase Two is an expansion of our coffee project in Pluma Hidalgo, Mexico. Our vision for the project is to empower people with disabilities in the community through coffee production.

Last year, we launched a PledgeMe campaign for Phase One of the Mexico Coffee Project and thanks to the kindness of friends, family and supporters we raised $24,590. This empowered coffee farming families to adopt inclusive farming practices bringing together entire families, regardless of (dis)ability to  create specialty Pluma coffee for New Zealanders.

Our aim is to create an inclusive coffee supply chain from bean to cup. That means from the farm to export to roaster to cafe we ensure that inclusive and accessible business practices are used.

This year we were able to produce enough coffee to bring home to New Zealand to taste. Next year we want to produce enough coffee to enjoy. But we need YOUR help again. In order to increase production we need money to:

  • deliver agricultural workshops to the community (to increase the quality and yield of the plants)

  • increase coffee production (expanding our project to include more families in accessible and inclusive trade)

  • pay for day-to-day operations (keeping us going so we can continue to expand and improve the project)

  • develop a community development fund (for inclusive and accessible resources, coffee tours, bee keeping and barista training)

This project is just the beginning for The Lucy Foundation and we are proud of what we have achieved thanks to generous supporters like you. Now we want to make the coffee project bigger and better – we want to see more local families involved, regardless of (dis)ability, embrace a culture of inclusiveness and create delicious coffee.

Pluma is situated in Oaxaca, the second poorest state in Mexico – 76 per cent of the population live in extreme poverty (The Oaxaca Fund Initiative). Pluma is no exception to this, the majority of our farmers depend on income from coffee to live. The Lucy Foundation not only provides families with sustainable income to elevate them out of poverty, we work directly with the community to develop and foster business opportunities.

Phase Two is about so much more than coffee, it’s about empowering families, supporting communities, increasing income and opportunity and growth. You can help us make this happen, and grow this business model of inclusiveness, accessibility and opportunity by pledging your support to Phase Two of this project.


For overseas contributors: Please contact us directly for alternative methods of payment.

Disclaimer: The Lucy Foundation is a registered New Zealand Charity (CC54316). However, at this point in time, we are unable to offer New Zealand tax credits for your financial support.

Thank you for your understanding.


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Congratulations Robbie Francis for winning Attitude's Entrepreneur of the Year award! We're pretty stoked 😀

Robbie won the award for her work founding The Lucy Foundation and driving it forward as an organisation that empowers people with and without disability through employment and trade. She dedicated her award to the memory of Doña Alicia, who died earlier this week after a long struggle with diabetes.

¡Felicidades, Robbie, por haber ganado el premio Attitude's Entrepeneur of the Year (Emprendedor con Actitud del Año)! Estamos muy emocionados 😀

Robbie ha ganado este premio por su trabajo como fundadora de The Lucy Foundation y su esfuerzo por llevarlo adelante como una organización que ayuda a empoderar a personas con y sin discapacidades, através del empleo y el intercambio. Dedicó su reconocimiento a Doña Alicia, quien falleció esta semana después de una dura lucha contra la diabetes.
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It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of doña Alicia - daughter, wife, mother to Juan and Hermino and friend to The Lucy Foundation. Doña Alicia lived with diabetes, and slipped into a coma earlier this week. Jess and Ryan were able to spend time with her before her passing and are now focusing on supporting Juan, Hermino and the extended whanau in the coming days and weeks.
Con mucha pena les informamos del sentido fallecimiento de doña Alicia -hija, esposa, mamá de Juan y Hermino, y querida amiga de The Lucy Foundation. Doña Alicia vivió con diabetes por muchos años y entró en un coma a principios de semana. Jess y Ryan pudieron pasar tiempo con ella antes de su partida; ahora lo más importante es apoyar a Juan, Hermino y su familia en estos momentos.
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