Elias Molina Arellanes

A young Mexican man has protective eyewear on his head. He is concentrating on drilling bamboo
Elias Molina Arellanes is a bio-architect from Mexico who loves bamboo and nature! A little over a year ago he returned to the Pluma Hidalgo, the birth place of his mother Josefina Arellanes, to carry out his dreams of bamboo bioconstruction and the cultivation of edible mushrooms.

It is here in Pluma, where he was introduced to the TLF Coffee Project, and without hesitation joined the team!

With a charismatic, smiling, and hardworking personality, Elias has opened the hearts and minds of the community – especially the families and disabled people who partner with TLF.

On any given day, Elias can be found hosting bamboo carpentry workshops or bioconstruction training with materials sourced from the region, or hanging out with the TLF team.

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