Jessica Pantoja-Sanders

Profile of Jess: Smiling woman, white and brown floral dress and yellow cardigan, short brown hair, purple lipstick, leaning on a table that has a milk bottle on it, in front of purple wall

Motivated by the prospect of being part of a team striving to change the way disability is perceived globally, Jess joined The Lucy Foundation in 2014.

With 14 years experience in Event and Café Management and a passion for conscious sustainable living and disability inclusion, Jess was excited to put her skills into action on the ground in Mexico, with The Lucy Foundation coffee project. Being half Mexican herself, Jess loves to use food and cooking to bring people together and encourage sustainable, healthy living.

Jess (along with husband Ryan, and children, Lorenzo and Ebony) lived in Pluma Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Mexico where she was full-time Field Director for The Lucy Foundation. She now lives in Hamilton, New Zealand, where she continues to support the work of The Lucy Foundation.

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