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Romelli is a TLF Supporter
Romelli grew up in Kirikiriroa Hamilton and is an Occupational Therapist/Kaiwhakaora Ngangahau working for mental health services in Tāmaki Makaurau. They have a Pākehā and Peruvian/Andean background that inspires a keen interest in Aotearoa-America/Abya Yala connection. They are passionate about environmentally sustainability and ethical relationship in trade, and inclusive, accessible, and meaningful vocational opportunities for people.

Our community garden is coming to life! While greenhouse construction continues, we’ve also been working on growing veggies. This has included preparing pots for seedlings, sewing vegetable seeds (beans), and planting seedlings (eggplant, cucumber, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, chives and chilli).

Today the crew also took some chilli and tomato seedlings to plant at home.

We need your help! To support the Pluma Coffee Project you can now donate by credit card or bank transfer:

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5 days ago

The Lucy Foundation

How’s this for an interesting workshop: creative cooking, fermentation and probiotic foods!! Catalina, our Field Director, recently ran a Track Two disability workshop, teaching the guys how to make sauerkraut (fermented cabbage). It went so well, that the team decided to host a Track One disability-led community workshop, and invite all the neighbours so they can learn too!

Why do we ferment foods? To help preserve them, change the flavour, increase nutritional value and develop probiotic power. Healthy team = healthy beans! Buen provecho (enjoy)!

#DisabilityLed #Probiotics #FermentedFoods #DisabilityInclusion

[Video description: A series of photos and videos of Juan, Pepe and Herminio making saueur kraut, and then community members making fermented foods. Washing and preparing vegetables, massaging salt into the vegetablles, placing in jars, adding liquid, shaking the jars, smiling with finished jars.]
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We are incredibly proud to announce that TLF has been named the recipient of the 2020 Rotary Kickstart Grant. Supported by Ākina Foundation, the grant provides seed capital for social enterprises in the North Island. On Wednesday night Robbie Francis Watene and Simone (TLF co-founders) pitched our world-first inclusive value chain of coffee to a room full of Rotarians and supporters, who then voted for TLF as the winning social enterprise.

Thank you to the Rotary Club of Newmarket Inc, Auckland New Zealand, Ākina Foundation, and also our friends at Recreate NZ (2019 winners) for all your support. To try some of our delicious coffee, head to:

#socialenterprise #disabilityrights #disabilityemployment #PlumaCoffeeProject #BuyGoodDoGood
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Wowee check out these strong and healthy coffee seedlings... all thanks to the biofertilizer and compost we make in our disability-led agricultural workshops. So much colour and vitality!

Why is this such a big deal? For the past decade, Pluma coffee has been annihilated by bugs and fungus. When we first started working with Don Epifanio and his whānau his plants were weak and producing very little coffee. But now look at 'em!

"The smiles of Don Epifanio and Pepe make our hearts vibrate. They are the ones that drive us to continue our work every day, strengthen each other, and infinitely thank our mother earth who sustains us and gives us life!” - Cata (TLF Field Director).

#PlumaCoffeeProject #BioFertiliser #DisabilityInclusion #DisabilityRights #OrganicCompost #SocialEnterprise
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