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From farmer to consumer, disability inclusion and employment is what we do!Did you know that at every stage of our coffee's journey, disability rights and product quality are top priorities? AND GET THIS – every one of the businesses in our value chain is run by people with disabilities!@The Lucy Foundation (5 years – inclusive/organic/accessible agriculture and employment of people with disabilities at origin)🌱John Burton Ltd (3 decades – disability inclusive coffee importer)🚢Able Coffee Collaborative (3 years – disability inclusive coffee roaster)☕LIKE and SHARE if you think this is RAD!!#DisabilityInclusion #DisabilityRights #FilterCoffeeNotPeople #TheBestCoffeeOfAllIsCoffeeForALL #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs[Video description: A short video showing scenes of disabled people and co workers throughout the value chain – from Mexico to New Zealand.]

Posted by The Lucy Foundation on Friday, 31 January 2020

The Lucy Foundation’s model shows the value of diversity in business. We work with communities to establish their social, economic and environmental needs, before working together to calculate how we can collaboratively meet these needs through sustainable trade.

In 2016, The Lucy Foundation established a team on the ground in Pluma Hidalgo – an isolated coffee-farming village, high in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico. The aim of the Pluma Coffee Project is to transform the global coffee industry by developing a sustainable value chain of coffee that is not only good for the environment, the community, and the economy, but is also inclusive of disabled people, from farmer to consumer.

We do this using a twin-track approach.

Two boxes show the twin-track approach. Text reads: Twin-Track Approach. The first box under reads: Track One Ensuring that people with disabilities have access to their basic needs in all interventions and projects on an equal basis with others in the community. The other box reads: Track Two Addressing the specific needs of individuals with disabilities to empower them and improve their situation. Under the boxes reads Equality of Rights and Opportunities for People with Disabilities.

Track one workshops are run by local agricultural experts. Workshops are open to the whole community, and designed in a way that means anyone of any ability, age, gender or background can participate in a full and meaningful way. Track one workshops are focused on environmental wellbeing, and the production of coffee: teaching and making organic fertilisers and treatments, harvesting techniques, picking processes, and so on.

Track two workshops, on the other hand, are designed to support disabled community members into training and employment, and the realisation of their human rights. Together with paid work experience, track two workshops help disabled people set goals and then provide opportunities to help develop the skills needed to reach those goals (for example: communication, health and safety, punctuality, literacy and numeracy, etc.).

Since establishing a team on the ground The Lucy Foundation has successfully:

  • Hosted monthly track one inclusive and accessible agricultural workshops with coffee-farming families and the wider community;
  • Created thousands of litres of organic bio-fertiliser and organic insect and disease treatment made for crops;
  • Helped develop a local barista training program (also delivered in sign language);
  • Set up beehives to increase coffee quality through pollination and as additional income for the families;
  • Supported five disabled people and their families into paid, part-time contract work;
  • Launched Pluma coffee and cascara (coffee) tea in New Zealand;
  • Increased the quantity of Pluma products in New Zealand by 2700%.

So why coffee? Coffee is a good source of seasonal income for farmers in this remote region of Mexico where poverty is high. Pluma coffee is exclusively grown in Pluma Hidalgo, Mexico and is new to coffee drinkers in Aotearoa New Zealand. Coffee is the economic backbone of Pluma Hidalgo with many families having a small number of trees in their backyard. We work side-by-side with these coffee farmers and their families to help improve their crops and promote inclusive economic opportunities within the community.

In New Zealand, The Lucy Foundation partners with organisations, such as John Burton Ltd (coffee importer/exporter), Able. Coffee Collaborative (coffee roaster), and Coffee Educators (barista training school). Like The Lucy Foundation, these are all businesses run by disabled people, and that support disability rights within the coffee industry.

In this way, coffee is being used as a catalyst for change, promoting inclusive and accessible business in Aotearoa New Zealand, Mexico, and beyond.

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3 weeks ago

The Lucy Foundation

All hands on deck to get clean water out to our TLF families and wider community after water pipes were damaged from the earthquake on the 24th of June. Thankfully everyone in Pluma is safe and accounted for, but there has been major damage to homes and shops throughout the community.

As Covid-19 has already put huge financial hardship on the community, rebuilding is not going to be easy, but as small towns do, they are already planning and pulling together to get everyone back on their feet.

We are working on a plan to help raise money for the community. Thank you for all the ongoing support, we will keep you all posted on how you can help.


Como consecuencia del terremoto del 24 de Junio, el suministro de agua para el pueblo de Pluma Hidalgo quedo destruido. Hoy todos se encuentran trabajando juntos para devolver el agua potable a toda la comunidad y a nuestra TLF familia.

Por suerte todos en la comunidad se encuentran a salvo, a excepción de unos pocos heridos pero lamentablemente el terremoto provocó muchos daños a casas y negocios del pueblo.

Con el terremoto Pluma suma otro problema a la difícil situación económica y a la batalla que esta dando con la pandemia del Coronovirus-19. Reconstruir la comunidad no va a ser tarea fácil pero en el pueblo de Pluma todos están trabajando en conjunto para reconstruir los daños.

Desde la Fundación de Lucy estamos trabajando en un plan para poder enviar dinero a manera de ayuda. Muchas gracias a todos y todas por el apoyo, los mantendremos al tanto para poder colaborar con la reconstrucción de Pluma Hidalgo.

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3 weeks ago

The Lucy Foundation

This morning we are thinking of all our friends and whānau living in Pluma Hidalgo, Huatulco, and Oaxaca, Mexico. Not only are they experiencing limited supplies and heavy restrictions due to Covid-19 (Coronavirus), but now they have been hit by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake.

This natural event is devastating and we are sad to hear of the deaths and damage.

We are slowly making contact with the families and disabled people we partner with. A few have made contact and say they are safe, but scared.

We will continue to keep you updated as we hear more from our team in Mexico.

#PlumaHidalgo #thelucyfoundation #huatulcocrucecita #earthquake #Temblor #disabilityrights #UNCRPD #Article11 #plumacoffee
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4 weeks ago

The Lucy Foundation

The best coffee of all, really is coffee FOR ALL! Thank you for your help e hoa! These coffee beans will be on their way to Aotearoa New Zealand in the coming months. In the mean time, you can order your inclusive Pluma single origin or Lucy blend through our website:

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[Video description: A little Zapotec toddler crouches next to a pile of green coffee beans and places handfuls into a black sack. The video is a boomerang video (played and reversed multiple times).]
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1 month ago

The Lucy Foundation

Having watched TLF grow from a seed idea into a global value chain, in 2018 Romelli decided to become directly involved with the The Lucy Foundation. By January 2019, they were on the ground in Mexico working with the Pluma crew. Fast forward 18 months, and last week Rom and Mikey travelled to Te Awakairangi Lower Hutt to take part in a Coffee Educators NZ barista workshop to improve their coffee making skills and to discuss accessible training. Rom also had a great time trying their hand at roasting TLF Pluma coffee beans at the Able Coffee Collaborative roastery.

From seed to cup, farmer to consumer... Rom’s been there!

He aha te mea nui o te ao, he tangata, he tangata, he tangata.
What is the most important thing in the world? People, people, people.

#TheBestCoffeeOfAllIsCoffeeForAll #FilterCoffeeNotPeople #Inclusion #Access #FarmerToConsumer
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2 months ago

The Lucy Foundation

Meet the farmers:

"They are the ones who work the land day after day under the sun. They are those who fertilise the sacred land with love and humility, which in gratitude returns them with coffee beans. They are our producers with whom we work hand in hand to recover ancestral knowledge." - Catalina (TLF Field Director, Mexico).

#PlumaHidalgo #CoffeeFarmers #AncestralKnowledge #OrganicCoffee
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