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Welcome to The Lucy Foundation. We are a social enterprise working in collaboration with local communities to develop a culture of disability inclusiveness through environmentally, economically and ethically sustainable trade.

Meet The Team

Profile of Robbie: smiling woman, black dress with red floral kimono, black hat, in front of purple wall

Robbie Francis


Profile of Simone: woman, blue and white spotted blouse, red lips, black framed glasses, holding a ceramic coffee cup and saucer in front of deep purple wall

Simone Haylett-Petty

Profile of Jess: Smiling woman, white and brown floral dress and yellow cardigan, short brown hair, purple lipstick, leaning on a table that has a milk bottle on it, in front of purple wall

Jessica Pantoja-Sanders


Profile of Ben: smiling man, green tee shirt, combed back brown hair, holding a glass milk jar of red juice in front of a purple wall

Benjamin Scott


Profile of Courtney: smiling woman, dark blue sleeveless top with white flowers, blonde hair half tied up, grass in the background

Courtney Wilson


Portrait of Ryan: Man in a cheese cutter hat in front of a rusty blue corrugated iron wall

Ryan Sanders


Umi Asaka


Profile of Miguel: smiling man, grey shirt, black cap on backwards, in front of bushes

Miguel Fajardo Mendoza


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